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Are you too busy?

Busy is defined as being occupied or actively involved in an activity.  Seems simple enough.  But,  is it possible to be too busy?

Ask yourself, “Am I  fighting for more time?  Do I tell others that I just need more time?” If that’s the case, consider yourself too busy.

Oftentimes being busy is an excuse to avoid the things we find difficult.  Worse, being busy is a lack of self-control (ouch).

If you are like me, you want to control everything.  You want to do it all.  Unfortunately, it’s just not possible.

Being busy – too busy – robs you of life (ouch again).

Newton’s Law

Regardless of who you are, where you are or what you do – you are probably busy.  If you are a writer, you know the importance of a balanced schedule.   Otherwise, creating content for your stories, books or  blog suffers.

Newton’s Law explains that a “body in motion stays in motion.”  When applied to writing, it means once you start a project, you must not stop.  Allowing distractions to steal your attention  is tragic.  You lose momentum  – the force that keeps you moving forward.


The slightest distraction stops you COLD.  All the energy you mustered up to gain momentum is LOST.  If you stop, you must start over.  Unfortunately, that requires a massive amount of energy and time.

Rule #1: Do not stop once you start.

If you keep moving forward, you will make miles of progress with less energy. 

If you want to finish a project in the least amount of time, be unstoppable.

Make Time

In this busy season, time is not only a commodity, but something to cherish and not waste.  Making time for writing projects is not easy, but it can be done.  How?

  • Set aside some “quiet” time to focus without distractions
  • Keep a specific time written into your schedule and stick to it
  • Remember, it’s not quantity, it’s quality
  • Do not mix creating with editing.


Now, share how you gain momentum.  How do you become unstoppable when starting a project, especially when writing?

Meanwhile, know  your story matters.

Sunshine and rainbows!

S. Whitten

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  1. There aren’t always enough hours in a day to get everything we WANT to get done, done. All you can do is make time for the things that are important to YOU.

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