A Single Step

Today’s blog:  The Voice of Direction

It’s the first weekend in December.  I smile as several cars round the curve and make their way toward our house.   It’s the kids and their kids – my children and their little ones.

Dust from the driveway covers their cars.  One by one they  they pull in and  park under a tree.  The sun slowly sets behind them.  Car doors open and they climb out of their seats to stretch.  They look tired, and no doubt, look forward to a few days of  “R and R”.

Family Day

At least three times a year, we enjoy “Family Day,” a time when everyone comes together at our home – a ranch in the middle of nowhere.  It’s pool parties and basketball, weenie roasts and s’mores.  No cares, no worries – just fun.

I watch as the first car parks. A tiny little girl with pigtails hops out.  She dashes across the grass toward the porch.   I reach out to hug her.  She wraps her arms around my neck as I lift her, and she whispers, “I missed you.”

Suddenly, I have an “aha” moment.   I remember why I started.  Yes, I started my book… for her. 

For two weeks I questioned my journey.  Not anymore. No alibis, no excuses.   She is the voice of direction pointing me back on my way.  I will finish my book for her.

A Single Step

In the stanza, “The journey of a thousand miles…” by Lao Tzu, I am reminded that every journey begins with a single step. 

While I may be moving at a snail’s pace, I commit to finish.  I place one foot in front of the other and remember, “be patient, good things take time”.

I  thank the little girl with pigtails for being my inspiration, my voice of direction, reminding me that, “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”   – Confucius

Steven Pressfield

I wave goodbye as the cars pull out of the driveway.  “Family Day” has come and gone.

Meanwhile, I return to my desk.  I re-read a blog from November 29th by Steven Pressfield.  It’s called, “Keep Working.”

And, so I do.

Thank you, Mr. Pressfield.

Your Journey

Share a time when you felt like giving up.  Did you keep writing or take a break?  Who or what pointed you back on course?

Meanwhile, know your story matters.

Sunshine and rainbows!

S. Whitten

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