Looking Back

Today’s blog:  Stay Focused 

Three words: “Yes, you can.”

I repeat those words every day, sometimes more than once.

Why?  Because staying focused is not always easy.

Life happens.

Stop Looking Back

You write; and, then you rewrite –  over and over again.

After a while, you realize – you just have to put it out there.

Trust your story.

Stop looking back.

Crossing the Finish Line

Share what you do to maintain focus; how you stay in the race.

Will you cross the finish line?  Will you finish strong?

Meanwhile, know your story matters.

Sunshine and rainbows!

S. Whitten



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One thought on “Looking Back”

  1. Staying focused is not always easy, as you said “life happens”, writing takes time and patience and sometimes it’s hard to see the finish line and KNOW your story is worth it. Thanks for the reminder!!

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